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Friday, January 07, 2011

Star Wars on Blu-Ray: Pre-order yours here!



Hmm, wonder why the 'first' three movies are #9 in DVD sales at Amazon, and the second is #207 as of this writing.

Available for pre-order now, and always, please click the link to help support rob in his quest to review obscure and not so obscure gadgets for your nerding pleasure.

Of course, you'll want the full 6 movie set with all the extras, and you get a $5 Amazon Video on Demand credit, so that's somethin'. Seriously, the price is the same and you get more stuff. Might as well.

And guess what? It's #1 in DVD sales today.

Now, if they'll just announce the original, remastered, episodes IV-VI (the first three movies for those of you not keeping score at home) on Blu-Ray. Pleeeeeeease? Stop torturing us, Lucas!

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