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Thursday, February 03, 2011

A new Way to Support Theroblog

Here's another way you can help me buy gadgets for reviewing for you guys and gals:

We are now a Barnes and Noble affiliate, yay!

The nook is the ereader I have. It's at least the third 'dedicated' reader I've had, and I've also used a few PDAs and Smartphones for reading. The Cambridge cover is sharp and classy like San Diego

Looks like Barnes and Noble is having a sale:

50% off stylish NOOK accessories while supplies last

And the obligatory Deal of the Day:

Barnes & Noble Deal of the Day

Of the current generation of readers, I have owned a Sony PRS-300 as well, which is a great device. A close second, and a little cheaper. Small and thin if that's your thing, but the nook is a nice size with better connectivity, speed, and accessories.

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