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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Omnitech Noise Canceling Headset from Staples, a review

I got these for $11.50 on clearance as an impulse buy for a flight later that day, and was pleasantly surprised. They are decent.

I expected the noise cancellation (NC) to be passive, but no, they are active. It takes an AAA battery in a compartment in the headband.

Noise reduction >= 15dB at 300Hz
Freq Response: 20-20000 Hz
Sensitivity: 122dB (on) 116dB (off)
Input Impedance 32Ohm+-15%
63 inch cord (over 5 feet!)
Dual plug airplane adapter
"Pleather" travel bag (the headsets fold up fairly small, large apple or potato size.)

Cheap, pretty good sound
Folds fairly small, see photo compared to iPod Classic.
Seems to process the sound when on, louder and better quality than when it's off.
Noticeable improvement when on in the back of a 737, cuts some of the rumble out.

Hurts my ears a bit at first, but I have a big head and the band stretched a bit, so a 40 minute session watching 'V' on my iPod was fine.
Picked up some noise if within a foot or two of my high power USB Lan adapter (6" antenna). Also picked up some inverter whine when touching my iPod screen, but that's minor. Mediocre shielding.
A low battery will still operate it, but your only indication will be audio clipping and no power light. A flashing light would be nice.

Turn up your treble a bit. This is probably not a dual driver headphone. :)

Remember, these aren't Bose headphones, but I recommend them at this price.

All in all, a good deal for $11.50.

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