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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

One-armed pushups? Are you crazy, Tony Horton?

Disclaimer: I am not a certified trainer. But, this is pretty simple.

So: I have a little bit of a back issue with some discs, and a real one armed pushup torques it a lot, so I haven't tried them too hard, in truth.

But, I came up with something close.

I call it a 'Bias Pushup'.

Simply, you put more weight on one arm than the other while doing a regular pushup.

To tailor it, you can vary how much you bias towards one arm or the other.

You keep your hand under your shoulder and it's harder. You push less with the hand the weight isn't on and it's harder.

So you go down, push up, lean over to the other side, and repeat.

Vary width, go to your knees, move your knees closer to your hand, etc. to customize it to your ability.

You could also wear a weight vest.

Here are some pics in the up and down positions. Yep, that's me, ex-fat guy.

Yeah, it's different arms but these are the best because my wife left the autofocus off. :P

(That's an official beachfitrob.com hat I'm wearing.)

And no the Star Wars arcade game in the background works, and it's not for sale, EVERRRRR!

Enjoy the Bias Pushup!

Oh yeah:

If you need a set.

Or if you like the kind that don't rotate, click here for Tony Horton's version. Those are heavy duty and probably a lifetime quality set.

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