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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Senseo Coffee Pods : An Alternative, and free pods!

I made this with some pods I got in Baton Rouge, La. at the Indigo Hotel. The machine there wasn't worthy because it just dripped through the pods, essntially using them as a small bag o' coffee. 

Nosirree, I didn't like it.

The other place I've gotten free pods is the burlap bags in hotel rooms that come with some foil packages. I used to ignore these, but then I looked and...SCORE! Free pods.

Now I've got my eye out.

This is a Senseo 7810 that I have a Coffee Duck for use most times.

The Community pods are brewed in Baton Rouge, so they were probably really fresh, and you can see the foam you get. My machine is about 8 years old too.
As for the Coffee Duck, it makes a decent cup but with less crema. This is due more to the fact that I have a non-conical burr grinder so the cofee isn't fine and I don't pack it in too tightly. But it does work well and saves a lot of money and time.

Here's the widget with my recommends:

Sorry, but it looks like the Private Reserve shown above isn't sold on Amazon. I guess you'll just have to visit Baton Rouge. :)

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McKayla said...
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Robert Bullock said...

I added a link to cheap pods in theroblog.com Amazon store.


The company also sells them at HEB for $2.50 for 18 pods, but at Amazon they are more but at least ship free. Under 30 cents each.

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