Saturday, April 07, 2007

Kimberly Out of the Hospital

She's out, and on some meds and doing fine. She had some sort of pneumonia/allergy/asthmatic issue where she couldn't breathe well.

I cleaned her carpet with the Bissell 9400M cleaner, and the allergy removal formula. This is great for every sort of cleaning job. I've used it on furniture, my car interior, household carpet, and ceramic tile. GREAT. Can't recommend it enough. The onboard heat makes the diff.

We've got carbon air filtration in her room too, so hopefully that will all help. Keep the filthy mutt away and we're good. UPDATE January 2015:
I am on my SECOND cleaner, the other one has a minor issue on the bottom part so I put it in my RV because the hand tool parts still work.

Here it is in it's glory.

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