Saturday, June 30, 2007

Migrate Firewire XP Parallels

Ok, so the title is cryptic. That Google search term didn't pull up much useful, so I'm writing it. Leave a comment if this helps. Even better, send us a quarter via the link on the right.

Check this article here to setup the cable and network. That's all you need to do for our purposes.

Stop at Step 2 on that article, which was: "Set the IP address to - notice a pattern here? - as pictured. (Click to enlarge.)"

All we've done is setup a network between the Mac and the PC.

So we've got the cable setup, and you've already installed Parallels on your Mac and Transporter on the PC correct?

(If not, leave me a comment but that's REALLY basic. If you can't install software this may be a bit beyond your skills, no offense. This is a more technical process, sooo....we still value you as a visitor and human being so don't take it personally.)

The trick when you run Transporter on your Mac is not to tell it you are connected via Firewire but that you are using a Network Connection like this picture:

I made that mistake and that's what threw me. Yes, I was connected via Firewire but we were using it as a network connection. I'm guessing 'over firewire' means you have a Mac (will the PC do this?) in Firewire target mode.

FYI, if you have a mini Firewire (1394/i.Link ala Sony) port on a laptop, that will work fine. That's just an unpowered port but it will work fine for us. Of course the cable will have to physically fit, duh.

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