Friday, March 06, 2009

Craigslist Idiocracy


I know it may seem obvious but here's some stupid I've gotten lately.

1. 'Hey, how much would you take for this TODAY?' (Implying they are just oh so on the cusp of buying it.) Later: 'Oh, which model is it?' (I had posted the model in the body of the ad but not the title. So, they didn't even read my ad. I should have put: 'Your purchase constitutes a binding service contract at $100 per visit, with mandatory service once a week.')

So, rule of craigslist: decide if it's something you even want before you bother me.

2. 'Hey, do you still have it? I'm interested.' Well of course you are, did you have a question? I mean other than if I still had it? Followup questions by same person: 'Does it XYZ?' I had specific details of XYZ in the ad. Reading for comprehension. And you wonder how we get some of the elected officials that we do.

Related followup. I posted a $180 item on ebay with the option for people to make an offer. Their offer: $25. And $180 is a midrange price. I asked if that was a typo. Explains their feedback of '6'. No doubt they had trouble merely negotiating the site.
Rant off.

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