Friday, October 23, 2009

Microsoft Opens First Retail Store in Scottsdale, AZ

My first thought was: "Snobsdale, Arizona?!". To wit: I have some experience in the area. At the end of 2005, I was at a Christmas party in Snobsdale for Mesa Airlines. That's another article entirely.

Let's see: no parking to be found, $5 for a BOTTLED beer that wasn't even cold, and THE TAP WAS BROKEN. Ok, aren't you supposed to be a high end glitzy club in Scottsdale? The finger food was extremely 'meh' as well, but that could have been 3rd party.

A town for sizzle, not for steak.

Plus I know a few Scottsdalers...and I will take the high road on that.

Keep it.

So, what I'm thinking is, wouldn't Scottsdale be more the province of the Apple elite?

(And I hate that about the Apple brand, they make darn good stuff and I'm a fan, but get off your high horse. It's a real turn off.)

All I'm sayin' is, to me Microsoft / PC is something of the province of the build your own PC to the level you want crowd. Be it $2000 worth of graphics cards in SLI with a quad core CPU and 16 gigs of RAM, or a little crapbox with 2 gigs of RAM, leftover hard and optical drives with onboard video.

Hack it, change it, do what you want. Windows will work on it.

Apple is more for the buy it, it works, I'll keep it for 7 years until I'm forced to upgrade or my cat pees in it. Or, 'look at how much money I've spent on less actual hardware with a cooler design'. (Another peeve of mine.)

I'm not doggin' on either concept, I have both 'brands'. Two iPhones, iPod Video, Macbook, HP Laptop, Dell PC, and a couple of homebuilt PCs.

All I'm saying is, Microsoft, you don't have to be Apple. There's a place for you. Get your own thing. You're not going to find it in Scottsdale.

Somewhere in independent-minded Texas perhaps. Want cool and independent? Austin. Plus I hear there's a major PC manufacturer headquartered there.

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