Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Apple: the iPad is out

Updated 30 January 2010

Most of the people on the side of Apple keep telling us: someday this will be great! I believe them. 

No one lauded Einstein when he popped out of his mother's womb except Einstein's immediate family, so let's wait until the baby is a bit older to see. We had to do that with the iPhone. To carry the child analogy a bit further, the iPhone 2G will be abandoned in the street this summer when OS 4.0 is out. If the rumors are to be believed.

To put that in perspective, the first G4 iBooks ran the latest OS right up until June 2008. They were off the market 4 years before they were considered 'obsolete', but that included a processor architecture change from PowerPC to Intel. The iPhone 2G has only been discontinued less than 2 years, but it's darn near the same hardware they ARE supporting, at least the important stuff. I can still live without GPS. I have one in my car already.

So, Apple's doing some stuff people don't immediately grasp the importance of. Maybe it's not so important like the Air and Apple TV.

But I said all that to say this: 1: Apple, don't abandon your hardware so quickly. 2: PLEASE stop trying to sell us 1.0 hardware that you are going to abandon relatively quickly. (See #1.) 3. Stop dribbling out features and forcing hardware upgrades for what should have been available on the darn thing in the first place.

Summary: Most folks say to wait a while, maybe until version two. Apple, you've taught us this is what you do, so you've only yourself to blame for not selling as many new gadgets as you could. The majority of us are looking to see the baby grow up a little before we commit to adopting it.

Original Article:

Just to prove I'm no fanboy, let me say that it looks pretty cool, but, so what?

Some initial thoughts:

Does little that's new. Pretty much everything this thing does is what an iPod Touch or iPhone already does, and guess what, mine's already paid for. Oh, and the iPhone makes phone calls, texts, etc.


  • $30 a month for unlimited AT&T usage? What if I have an iPhone or other device already? Does AT&T think I can digest more data because I have more than one device? Two words: Bluetooth tethering.
  • $499 for a big iPod

  • bigger screen
  • looks cool
  • built in cellular data connection for $130 more (but so has the iPhone.)
  • Looks like you can use a Bluetooth keyboard with it now.

I just got an email with this bit of advertising copy:

Most advanced? Mmm, depending on your point of view. Revolutionary? We'll see. It's a nice piece of tech. Magical? Well, it did make me think of unicorns when I read it. Does that count?

Summary: $500 for the base model? Pass. Let me know when the refurbs hit $399 and it isn't such a niche device.

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