Thursday, February 18, 2010

Asus eee 900HD and World of Warcraft Mini Review

Yes it works, yes it's no comparison to a desktop as expected.

I got 47fps standing in a small building with one MOB in Everlook. This is with everything dialed down and no addons. Running around Everlook gave 10-13 fps, and outside in the zone on a mount got about 20-25fps.

I used the native 1024x600 eee LCD resolution.

Uncheck the option to use 3D sound hardware and turn the sound quality to low. The 900 series uses a GMA915 Intel chip, so it's even worse than a GMA950, and the 900mhz processor doesn't help. On that note, I recommend one of those laptop pads with a fan built in to place your netbook on, if you are going to game much. It will keep your laptop cool. WoW will max the processor at 100% on Windows XP.

If you just want to do the auction house, check your mail, hang out, reposition your character, etc. it will work. You sure won't be doing any raids of course. You might solo a mob or two, but a crowd would bog you down.

Summary: It could be useful, depending on what you're doing.

Note to Blizzard: Would it be possible to dial things down even further? Maybe some really ugly graphics in exchange for increased speed? Not a total redesign, but maybe turning down the polygon count somehow, turning lighting and effects off entirely, polygons but no textures mapped?

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