Thursday, March 04, 2010

Our Basest Fears

In the old days we feared Communists, Fascists, nuclear war, and other events that effected the world stage.

These days, you get to fear everything. Flying, diseases, getting sued for downloading MP3s, financial disasters, random violence, car wrecks, online predators, you name it.

Does it seem that our fears have multiplied and gotten so specific that they've become less and less likely but more in your face?

This is why I don't watch TV news.

Unfortunately, you get crap like this article when you're online. I guess the mainstream media has a bigger fears to monger.

I'll sum that article for you: wedding photographers should panic for not paying the 2 cent license fee per disc of video they sell using a specific video format.

When you were a kid, were you afraid that the RIAA would sue your parents when you copied songs to your mix tape?

It's not that the world has gotten more complicated, it's just that we are more afraid of death by 1000 papercuts.

"In One Ear And Out The Other
Don't You Get Criss-Crossed
I Recommend You Try A Little...
Mental Floss

It's The Small Small Problems
That Keep Me So Upset

And Send Me Seeking Shelter
Beneath My Mosquito Net
I Stay There For Hours
Protected From The Nights
All Those Insects And Vipers
Other Things That Bite

In One Ear And Out The Other..."

-Jimmy Buffett "Mental Floss"

(Great album by the way. I still own it on what they used to call a 'CD')

Play it twice and call me in the morning.

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