Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How to get Free stuff at Amazon. Really! No limit on price!

A little background. I'm an Amazon seller, and I listed an item as 'New' but put in the description that it was open box, but had only been charged and had the firmware updated then placed back in the box.

So, there really shouldn't be any confusion here should there?

The buyer claimed that it wasn't as listed.

So, since I 'misrepresented' the product, the buyer gets to keep it and get a refund.

Here's where you start your Christmas shopping early!

How you get the free stuff:

1. Look through the guidelines here:

2. Find an item that's comments don't meet the criteria. The easiest thing would perhaps be something listed as 'New' with comments indicating Open Box, perhaps.

3. Order it.

4. When it arrives, file an A to Z claim.

5. It takes a while but Amazon should refund your money, like they did with my buyer.

Alternate method:

Order anything fulfilled by any party not Amazon. Claim it wasn't in whatever condition it was listed as.

Enjoy your free item!

Never mind about the affiliate commissions they've screwed me out of. Friend of mine placed an order with several items, among them a large TV. Guess what item I didn't get the commission on? Strange that the small items were credited fine...and no, they won't fix it. I asked.

To my Sister: I'm sorry I sold you my Kindle Fire. Good luck with that!

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Rob said...

If anyone wants to fund this experiment, I've found some items listed by Amazon themselves that may not meet the criteria for the condition listed, and they have comments stating the opposite of what the criteria are. If that's not an excuse for me, how is it an excuse for Amazon? Click the Paypal Donate link down on the right and tell me what it's for. I'll be ordering shortly.

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