Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fatwallet: All your content are belong to us

While I understand that they want to avoid spam, this is Fatwallet's policy on linking to a site you may benefit from:

"At FatWallet, we do not allow members to post for sites and services for which they may receive benefit."

The downside of this is, if you generate content on a deal they have, you can't link to your content. They want it all.

Example: I figured out how to re-use a coupon for a deal they posted. No one will see that in Fatwallet's thread because I can't link to my blog post. I hope you got here via Google.

And I am growing weary of sites that benefit greatly from the generation of content by other people.

XDA Developers earns my respect because they have a button in their forums that allows people to donate to you via Paypal if they find your work helpful, and a thanks meter to pump up your reputation.

And yes, this cheapskate has donated on a number of projects and to devs who have done useful work.

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