Friday, February 02, 2018

What is cryptocurrency? And how can you earn money on it vs using an ad on your site?

This is an alternate way for people to support websites.

It uses a small amount of your computers power to do the math required to 'mine' Monero, which is a form of cryptocurrency like the more well-known bitcoin.

For those who don't know what a cryptocurrency is, it's a big math problem. The computer tries tons and tons of calculations to discover 'keys' that have value, due to their rarity.

Like gold or diamonds are rare, so they have value usually beyond the intrinsic value. Or, further, as paper money has value beyond the paper and ink it's made of.

Cryptocurrency isn't controlled by any government and can be pretty much untraceable and is sort of a worldwide currency.

That's the basics.

You can play with it here:


You can control how much CPU it uses by adjusting the Speed option.

I find the best result is using the same thread count as the number of virtual processors you have or on simpler devices, the number of CPU cores.

Another way is to make shortlinks that direct to valuable content, but the link computes a small number of 'hashes' or work units before the visitor is shown the webpage.

You can click -=> HERE <=- to see how that looks.

What speed do you get and on what device? Post in the comments section below.

Get your free account here to start earning on your website:

Need a place to sell your earned coins? Get $10 free here:


Robert Bullock said...

Mac Pro 2009 flashed to 2010, dual 2.26Ghz CPUs: 50-60 hashes/ sec max
iPhone 6s - 3 to 5
Acer R11 Chromebook 12

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