Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Building a Passive (wires and cable only) Amiga to VGA Cable

Work in Progress...more to come.

I used this pinout:

The diagram above probably should have pin 20 on the Amiga tied to ground, so I just jumpered that to pin 19. YMMV.

On the Amiga, all the pins on the middle row on the VGA connector (6-11 pins) measured out to power supply ground on my Amiga 1000 anyway. So I don't think the wiring needs individual returns for ground as it all ends up in the same place anyway....probably. Feel free to comment if you know better.

Displays that WON'T sync (unsurprisingly...way too new):
Samsung C27F591
Samsung Syncmaster (ha) 2343BWX

What works:
Well, there is signaling happening. The Samsung displays gave me a 'suboptimal range' or something like that and did at least find activity on the input by autoselecting the source.

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