Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Gotek Floppy Emulator not Working after Flashfloppy upgrade

Ok, this probably won't solve your problem but as far as I can tell, it solved mine.

The short (pun intended) version:

The jumper on S0 for using a Gotek as DF0 on an Amiga looked sketchy. Like the metal stuck out too far, seemed kind of loose in the plastic housing...so I replaced it. It also looked different than the thousands of jumpers I've seen since the 90s...dating myself here...

Then it started to work again.

If you do vintage stuff, buy a bag of 50 jumpers here for about $1.30. That's my source. I got blue.

Want more of the story?

Symptoms were:

LED lit indicating ADFs were being cycled on the drive and that Flashfloppy was running...it was just that the Amiga wasn't doing anything with it. This matches with the jumper issue. The drive wasn't being seen by the Amiga without any jumper at all set for S0.

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