GPU Lost Error in PhoenixMiner

 If these are the errors you get in your log:


2021.08.29:14:45:26.505: main NVML error in : GPU is lost (15)

2021.08.29:14:45:26.505: main NVML error in : Invalid Argument (2)

2021.08.29:14:45:26.505: main Nvidia driver version: 471.68

2021.08.29:14:45:26.508: main NVAPI error in NvapiWrapper.c:341 : -6


Then do these things:

Check the riser power and cable connections. Reseat the connections to the PCIe slot and the PCIe part of the riser.

But it's probably simpler: Just go into Device Manager on Windows, right click the card and Uninstall it. 

DON'T click the checkmark box about uninstalling the drivers.


These simple things fixed my problem and now I'm back mining ETH and ETC in a Dell G5 5000 no less. :)

Did I help? 

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