Dell G15 5510 Notes

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Anyway, notes on the Dell G15 5510:

1. RAM. It uses 2900 (ish)mhz DDR4 RAM, but I had a 8 gig stick of 2666 already, so it's slightly slower but was 'free'. Now it's dual channel so still much faster than the single it came with. If you have that I wouldn't waste the extra $$$ on a 2900 stick.

If you're buying a stick, IMHO buy the faster 3200 or whatever for $5 or so extra...tiny bit of forward use like my 2666 I bought instead of the 2400 my other laptop now it's being used in this one. :)

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Crypto: Yes, I *KNOW* it's a laptop and heat, etc. 

Thoughts on the heat: the whole back half is covered in mesh and so my laptop cooler fans point at that. The center area around the silver metal fram you see doesn't get very hot so I decided not to run it with the backplate off. Would not make a ton of diff. 

Also, this laptop has options for much hotter parts, so these (i5/3050Ti) are somewhat conservative parts I think.

i7/3060 are the max, but that costs 50-100% more depending on sales, so I got this one.

I overclocked the 3050Ti RAM and underclocked the GPU to the minimum and it mines ETC at 26.xx Mh/s. 

That's 204% of a 1050Ti at around the same power, 80 or 90 watt max and we're nowhere near that.

GPU runs at 67-68C on a cheap laptop cooler...and I plan to buy a better one and possible remove the bottom plate so it's even cooler.

The bottom plate has 4 screws on the outer edge that DO NOT come out of the bottom plate. The ones in front under the trackpad do (set of two) and the ones on the back do come out.


As you can see, no space for a 2.5" drive. Some pics I saw on the web appeared to have room, with a smaller battery, for a 2.5 but they were slightly diff model #s.

Stock RAM:

Power brick is huge, Haven't checked but I bet it's still an unnecessarily large 240W.

...more notes to follow. :)

So far, pretty happy.