Ravencoin Lite Wallet Issues on OS X

Do you get this on Mac OS X when setting up your Ravencoin lite wallet?

'Cannot obtain a lock on data directory...core is probably already running. Operation not supported.'

The quick fix is to go into the directory with raven-qt in it via the terminal and type ./raven-qt -choosedatadir and then it will let you choose a new directory.


The '...' box to select a destination is wonky, so just type in /Volumes/4TB/Ravenlite but of course use your hard drive name instead of '4TB' which is my simply named secondary plain old drive.

Why? It's my guess the Raven OS X wallet is  not able to lock an SMB 2.x share (my NAS is Unraid...and I forget why I didn't restrict SMB access on my NAS to SMB 3...will redo...)... perhaps due to it being mounted with SMB 2.1...

To find out what SMB your NAS share is mounted on your Mac with, type smbutil statshares -a in a terminal window.

It will have something like 

SMB_VERSION                   SMB_2.1 

in the output.

IIRC I read somewhere about SMB 3 being better. And the Ravenwallet is not smart enough to know that's the reason for a lock issue so it says 'well i must be running already!'
Next issue. raven-qt just sits there. Doesn't sync at all.

You need to add a bunch of nodes to your raven.conf file in the /ravenlite directory (or whereever you told ravenlite to put its files on setup. In my case above, in the root dir of '4TB'.

Go to http://explorer.ravencoinlite.org/network and click the 'Add Nodes' tab. Show 100 entries and paste all those lines into raven.conf

In my case, raven.conf was ZERO bytes. Now it's syncing.

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