Thursday, November 11, 2021

Dell G5 5000 Power Supply Blinks: How to Decode. And why your Video Card doesn't work.

I have the i5 version of the Dell G5 5000 desktop. Here's the info table.

Read down for the issue with two video cards I had.

3 amber blinks, 2 white blinks indicates


PCI of Video card/chip failure

but I'm pretty sure it isn't. Keep reading. 

Table 1. Diagnostic light codes
1,2Unrecoverable SPI Flash Failure
2,1CPU configuration or CPU failure
2,2System board: BIOS or Read-Only Memory (ROM) failure
2,3No memory or Random-Access Memory (RAM) detected
2,4Memory or Random-Access Memory (RAM) failure
2,5Invalid memory installed
2,6System board/Chipset Error/Clock failure/Gate A20 failure/Super I/O failure/Keyboard controller failure
3,1CMOS battery failure
3,2PCI of Video card/chip failure
3,3BIOS Recovery 1: BIOS recovery image not found
3,4BIOS Recovery 2: Recovery image found but invalid
3,5Power Rail Failure: EC ran into power sequencing failure
3,6Paid SPI Volume Error
3,7Management Engine (ME) error. Timeout waiting on ME to reply to HECI message.
4,2CPU Power cable connection issue

I removed my 1660Ti to do some other work with it (wink) and tried a GT430 (1gb) and a 9600GSO (wow!) but nether card worked.

Summary: cards are just too old.

I had to put a 1050ti in it to install Windows. Won't even boot without a newer card I guess.

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