Little Snitch Mini Review: Three Times A Liar

Update 2: After reboot, all files are NOT cleared:

Issuing sudo kextcache --clear-staging appears to work.  /Library/StagedExtensions/ is now empty.

Update: SOMETHING goes on behind the scenes, as:

systemextensionsctl list 

in a terminal window gives:

Little Snitch Network Extension [terminated waiting to uninstall on reboot]

I tried it out, and then went to uninstall it.


Their web page lies THREE TIMES:

1. There is no uninstaller in the 5.3.2 DMG that you can download.

2. There is no uninstaller at /Library/Little Snitch/Little Snitch

3. Dragging the app to the garbage DOES NOT start an uninstaller.

There IS a menu option in the app to uninstall. It does NOTHING but show you the app.

Further, dragging it to the garbage leaves TONS of stuff on your drive:

AppCleaner deleted a lot but EasyFind still found all these files:

You wanna buy this? I don't.

This is supposed to be a good package but I with this much cruft left in my system and the fact that the 'Help' page is SO WRONG doesn't make me want to own this.