BTC-S37 Power supplies: DON'T use more than 1. This person melted part of their board.

From my Youtube video at 

"psu 2 got very very hot and riser melted smoke! "

This question comes up so often I reproduced it here.

It's a BAD IDEA to use two power supplies on the boards where the power connectors are all tied together. Just don't do it. The only way would be to use a power balancing circuit but then monetarily it isn't worth it.

Read thru for my recommendation. Is 2400 watts enough? I got you.

There's no 'riser' on this board. People should not even think of it that way. There are PCIe slots. It's a standard slot, just wired for 1x.

Would you use two power supplies in a PC? Ever seen it? (short of servers of course, but they have it designed that way.)

So don't do it! (I'm not fussing, I'm just trying to get people to STOP doing this).

What I have on my board like this with all slots filled is a Dell 1100W power supply from a server that runs all 8 just fine as it has a lot of 6600/67000XTs and lower ppower cards. To go very high would probably require a 240V more expensive supply. It is my belief that efficiency will be key after ETH goes PoS so I've steered that way.

Go here and look for the Dell X15 series. Make sure you match their board with the correct power supply. This link earns me a commission.

You can pick another power supply/board combo but the Dells are cheap.

You can run up to a 2400 watt Dell PSUs on these boards.

I have the X15 Rev:B on both my boards. I would recommmend a cooling solution blowing at the PSU as well.

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I have the X15 Rev:B on both my boards. I would recommmend a cooling solution blowing at the PSU as well.

PSU on Amazon like mine: Why? Because you can get a 3 or 4 year warranty for like $9 and they can be found for under $30. R720xd is a server I have for other crypto stuff so I can keep extras around for that too.

A USB powered fan like this will let the PSU sit on top for cooling. It helps.

You can also use 120mm case fans. I bought these but they spin slow. Molex connector so I daisy chained them with an AC supply brick. 

You can see them in my other vid on the 8 GPU rig, frame mounted.

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