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Friday, January 29, 2010

Dry Erase Markers, You Know, for the Bathroom?

If you're always writing stuff on the mirror to remember, stop with the soap bar. I use a green dry erase marker. I know, it conflicts with my post about NOT using them, and getting a Boogie Board instead, but I'm not going to keep any electronics more delicate than an electric toothbrush in the bathroom.

And, the kids can leave you fun messages, like my daughter's scribblings about another pet she wanted. As if the dirty pack (ok, 2) of dogs we have weren't enough. At least it was a cat this time.

Another tip: somehow we ended up with Silly Putty in the bathroom stuck to the mirror. (I have kids, remember.) So now the game is to make strange art shapes and leave them there.

Captioning with the markers is optional.

Silly Putty

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