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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Coming Review: Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet by iMprov / Kent Displays


Full review with video here

I ordered on of these awesome looking little gadgets from Amazon. It was just too cool to pass up. No more dry erase markers for me!

It's 29.97, shipped free!

What is it? It's an LCD screen that uses a watch battery for power. It requires power ONLY to erase the screen. So it should last a long time. (Why they didn't put on a little solar panel and a tiny rechargeable is a question I have.)

Possible uses:

  • For Kids: practicing math, drawing, etc. No paper to buy, pens or pencils to sharpen, mess, etc.
  • Developing countries could use it instead of paper for instructional uses.
  • Dry Erase Board: no more looking for a working marker or trying to get it clean.
  • Just cools cool. And I must have one, if only to review it and sell it later. :)
I'll have the review up when it comes in.

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