Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Beanitos: A Quick Review

Because I'm watching what I eat, but still have a little treat every now and then: Beanitos.com

And they were on clearance at HEB for $2, which isn't bad for something relatively healthy.

Per serving it has 5 grams Fiber, 4 grams protein. Flax seeds (there is a bean only version). No sugar. Sea Salt.

Still more fat than I'd like. And some of it's saturated, but that could be the flax seeds. Is there a baked or lo fat version? Half the calories are from fat.

It's better for you than a chip, and I like the flavor. Sort of like a chip with built in black bean dip.


Betina said...

It is baked and then flash fried in veggie oil. It is the only real pure bean chip. The ones from Garden of Eatin are corn tortillas with a bit of bean flavor added.

Anonymous said...

OK I said veggie oil. I looked at the bag and it is specifically : sunflower oil, safflower and or canola.

M.J. said...

Thanks for the post! We do have a baked version coming out very soon, and the fat is healthy fat for you. Coming from the Beans (Fiber and Protein). For any additional nutritional information or inquiries please contact us at info@beanitos.com

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