Thursday, January 21, 2010

Easy to Remember But Unguessable Passwords

Find a pattern on the keyboard, and use shifted numbers and letters, alternately. Like you might go down the sort of diagonal row that is '9ol.' then hold shift and type ')P:?' which is the next row over. So you got upper and lower, numbers, and special characters. Need more characters, add a row, and maybe only hold shift for the last two and not the first two. Fairly easy to remember, and pretty secure. Use the technique for patterns on the keyboard you can remember. If whatever you're logging into is REALLY secure, it's going to lock out the account after so many bad guesses anyway, and even though the pattern is SOMEWHAT predictable, they aren't going to get it within a reasonable number of attempts before the login is locked out.

If you're curious, that's the Hoverboy Decoder Ring circa 1938-1945. Dang, that thing cost $1 back then!

Get me either that or preferably the Explorer's Ring in this post.

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