Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Quick rant of the day. I'm watching 'Big Mac: Inside the McDonald's Empire'.

I happen to be a fan of McD but I don't eat there every day. I *GASP* moderate my own Big Mac intake and exercise. I'll eat something much lower calorie and exercise to make up for it.

The point of this rant is this: there's a guy on there criticizing how McDonald's makes people fat who is obese himself.

The guy who's telling you what's bad for you:

Get your own house in order, sir, before you start to advocate for us. Don't preach it if you can't practice it.

Also noted from another thinner pundit: the evil corporation pushing their Happy Meal on poor, tired, ignorant parents who can't tell their kids no. I always wonder how much of the raving against some thing or another is too keep one's self in a job. Yeah, I'll take that criticism somewhat, too. But I'm more entertaining. ;)

You can't defend everyone on the planet from making poor choices.

McDonald's has introduced some healthy choices. You can get milk, apples, yogurt, grilled chicken, Diet Coke, salads, etc. I don't think if they weren't selling that they would offer them.

I'd personally like to see some whole wheat buns and tortillas. Want to save a ton of fat? Hold the mayo, special sauce, and cheese. That is a LOT of fat saved. Or leave the cheese maybe but man, take the other two off! Press that Southern Style chicken patty between some napkins to absorb some of the oil before eating.

On that note, Burger King's grilled Whopper with no cheese and no mayo is actually to me, a reasonable choice.

Rant Over.

Now for the more pleasant portion: it's an interesting documentary. They talk to the chef in the test kitchen, some owner/franchisers, stock footage of 'founding fathers' and early operations, and more. They show some operations in China too. I won't be having some of the more, uh, colorful menu options there.

Good stuff. Buy a copy from Amazon!

It's time for my workout so I can grab some McD at some point and not feel too bad about it.

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