Monday, January 18, 2010

How I fixed My Crooked Garage Door

I found the above video, and it helped me fix my garage door closing crookedly. One side was staying up a few inches higher than the other side when it closed. Not good.

I just rerouted the cable on the higher closing side as it had gotten so loose it later jumped off the pulley. I think something was binding also on that side before I restrung it.

Then, I just set the tension on that side so it would hold the spring up and the wires straight but no tighter. I matched that on the other side.

Now it goes up and down buttery smooth.

Of course, I did not have the hooks and wire clamp that fastened to the hook, oh no. My ghetto installers had just tied the wire cable off where the hook would fasten into the holes. Thank you Mr. Sheetrock installer/unlicensed plumber/garage door installer/landscaper/painter Guy!

After all, when some builder is looking for 'contractors' outside the Home Depot and asks what you can do, you tell him 'Yes!'.


christopher said...

Fixing a garage door can be tough, especially if you have a huge door in your home. But by being thrifty, you'll be able to fix stuff like this in no time.

Christopher Guarracino

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