Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Miix 2 Microphone Doesn't Fit: simple fix

I was trying to plug in my Skullcandy FMJ's into my Miix 2 8" and it felt like I was going to break the jack on the Miix 2, so I measured the depth with a plastic section of a Q-tip. It matched up with my Galaxy S4 which the FMJs fit.


I put the Q-Tip in and out several times to make sure.

I went and got a different pair of headphones. The Skullcandys are a combo jack: mic and stereo headphones in one jack.

The headphones are just that: stereo only.

The headphone jack was to my eye the same size and depth, but it fit.


So I just inserted the headphone jack a few times maybe thinking the socket was just stiff.

Apparently, that's the answer because then my Skullcandys fit, albeit firmly, but it didn't feel like I was going to literally break something.

Also the Skullcandys work great as always. Tested with Skype.

Caveat: the Skullcandy call/disconnect button on the inline control did nothing in Skype on Windows 8.1

Hope it helps someone! Now, buy something you're going to buy anyway from Amazon using the search box on the right. :)

  •  I've recommended the Skullcandy brand before. Unbeatable warranty.
  • The Moko case is a nice one for the Miix 2 8"

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