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Monday, January 18, 2010

COTD (Craigslist of the Day)


Perhaps I should interview this guy:

"Superstition is as serious to sailors as breathing, eating and being on the water. You shouldn't tempt the fates or challenge the benevolence of Neptune, Poseidon and the gods of the four winds when you take out your new powerboat or sailboat. Let Reverend Tom make it right with the Gods for you. These ceremonies are guaranteed to bring Good Luck to your craft and to all who ship aboard her. I promise you a ceremony that is fun yet serious about doing the right thing for your new craft. Want to mix a wedding in with your christening ceremony? Reverend Tom is also a Universal Life Minister and would also be happy to officiate your wedding on board your boat, on the beach or anywhere. Contact me, you won't be sorry. "

Wonder if he's got iChat?

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