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Monday, January 18, 2010

iVideoCamera Review

Let's just cut to the chase: How good are the videos?

Caveat: There may be some additional encoding done when Google embeds the video on my blog, but you'll get the idea.

These were both made on an 8Gig 1st Generation '2G' iPhone. Why do I still have this old school iPhone? Because it's cheaper every month than the newer ones, and does most of the same stuff. Especially now. I just got video recording capability for 99 cents. :)

Sample 1: 160x213 resolution, 1.97 Megabytes, 10 frames per second. MPEG-4, Mono 22Khz sound. Millions of colors. 11.11 seconds. Obviously, not a lot of compression here due to the meager processor of the iPhone, and hopefully there's some optimization to be done in the code of the app itself.

Sample 2: 320x246 resolution, all other specs about the same. 7.25 seconds. Double the data rate roughly.

Low res movie length is limited only by the storage on your phone while hi res is limited by the memory free on your phone, so in this case about 7 seconds was what I got for the second video.

Features are pretty good. You can share via Youtube, Facebook, twitter, Flickr,
Vimeo, Twelveseconds, email, and ftp transfers right from the app. By sending it to your Blogger email, it can be posted there too.

You can change the name of the video and add a description for the sharing services.

Additionally, you can put your iPhone on the same WiFi network and open a page on your web browser to see the video stored:

One con: I did get a black screen once, but restarting the app fixed it.

Summary: for 99 cents this breathes some new life into older iPhones (so everything but the 3GS). For this price, I rate it a strong buy.

Buy iVideoCamera here.

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