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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Perfect Pushup Mini Review

To the chase! These are great if for this one reason: you can do pushups without wrist strain, even if your wrist is hurt already. I weight about 190, and it doesn't hurt my palms either, the padding is a nice grippy and durable rubber.

I had hurt my wrists a little doing pushups one night before bed on a hardwood floor. Not recommended. I should have gone upstairs and gotten my Perfect Pushups. (I suppose it's plural).

I was able to go through the entire P90X Chest and Back yesterday with no pain other than that which Tony inflicted. You can do wide pushups, standard, 'military' and diamonds or hearts as they are sometimes called. You might not be able to do as many, as on some styles you will be going lower than you could go using your hands alone. I don't do super-wide, but I bet you could and they wouldn't twist on you as bars or weights would.

$30 to me seems a bit pricey, but they work as advertised, and let you work out when small injuries might prevent it. And of course, they prevent the strain in the first place.

Additionally, you can use these in the Yoga workout for P90X and avoid the wrist strain you would get in the first half an hour or so. Once again, these let me do my workout even though my wrist was still bothering me. You can use them somewhat in place of a Yoga block too.

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